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As your development partner we offer services from upstream process to implementation.
Lab offshore development as well as Outsourcing development will suggest and respond to your style.

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Established in 2016, we have been developing products of Global Design, which is our parent company, but we still available to respond to requests from other companies as well.From the consultation of small and medium-sized laboratories, we will respond to requests on a wide range of requests for contracts for HTML5 coding and lamp development.

GDIT mean?


In June 2019, we moved our office to another floor with a larger area of the building. The purpose is to easily centralize and manage areas such as the main working area, offshore development area, and Backoffice area. Since then, we have created a more appropriate environment for Development, so that customers can feel secure and satisfied when they want to cooperate with Offshore development with us.

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Our strong point is Bridge System Engineers (BRSE) who are experienced in Japan and have high skills that will be responsible for the upstream process and support for the development of your company better.
Therefore, there is absolutely no such thing like just based on the cost to decide the request, just cheap price is always chosen, or do with fast performance but not good completiion …
We are always confident to offer the project and bring it for your company.

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Most of our clients are corporate and mass organizations of Japan, we are getting great reviews on all aspects of design, coding, backend development and translation. Of course we also have some development in terms of coding, but since there are many requests we can not post to the Website, please be sure to contact our sales department through form contact.

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Global Design IT is currently hiring experienced Bridge System Engineer(BrSE), Development Engineers and Internships. For Internships, we have a system allows you to become a fulltime employee. On the recruitment page, you can also find out what Global Design IT engineers does everyday as well as their one-day interviews.

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