Basic policy about information security

Global Design Co., Ltd is currently using IT and internet to support Corporate Communication for expand the value of customers’ businesses.

Therefore, we are aware that using various “Information” types in business and ensuring in terms of “Information Security” is a top priority in management as a foundation for construction. trust with customers.

In order to correctly apply the practice of “Information” security management, together with compliance with relevant laws and regulations, we also establish basic security policies as below:

1.Information assets of security objects

Security objects are not only important “Information” received from customers, but also all information assets related to the company’s business activities. Implement appropriate management according to the intended use and importance, try to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets.

2. Analysis and risk assessment

Damage to information security due to threats to information assets (unauthorized access, leakage, tampering, loss, destruction, obstruction of use, etc.), will proceed evaluate the likelihood and impact of business based on the company’s risk assessment-analysis criteria, review and implement the best preventive measures.

3. Promotion system

Establish internal regulations to ensure proper confidentiality of information, and build a management system throughout the company to comply with and operate those regulations.

In addition, with the implementation of inspections to ensure objectivity, periodic reviews of institutional regulations and systems will be conducted.

4. Education and training

Ensure that all employees (senior personnel, employees, contract employees) are thoroughly informed about the basic policy of information security. Besides, planning on education and training is necessary and continually implemented to maintain people’s high awareness of information security. Requires clear responsibility for those who violate internal regulations and basic information security policies.

5. Responsible for security incidents

In case if a security incident arises, try to minimize damage, quickly clarify the cause and take corrective measures to prevent recurrence.

In addition, establishing a Business Continuity system to recover soon and to minimize the impact on customers.

Office Introdution

From June 2019 to recently, we have the new contrusted enviroment which is more suitable for development with the more manageble office area, offshore development area, and back office for letting everyone consult about offshore development with peace of mind.


Free Space

And in the newly created free space, during lunch time, the employees can see the city hall of Da Nang and the sea from the cafe space through the window, which is perfect for mood refreshing.

Meeting Room

It is possible to hold WBS meetings and seminars in three meeting spaces for important meetings.

Working Space

The working space for development was added to the main development area, and on top of that is two offshore development areas where security measures are taken to respond to important customer requests.


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