Global Design IT is currently hiring experienced Bridge System Engineer(BrSE), Development Engineers and Internships. For Internships, we have a system allows you to become a fulltime employee. On the recruitment page, you can also find out what Global Design IT engineers does everyday as well as their one-day interviews.

Hiring positions

We are looking for employees who have been utilizing their experiences until this point, and internships for students who are wholeheartedly aiming to work in society from this point onward.
In both cases, you will be interviewed and tested according to the company rules, so maybe the hurdles are higher than you think, but if you are employed, the development education from engineers with a lot of experience and Japanese language education by Japanese people are waiting for you.

A day of a working engineer

The Engineers, Communicators and BrSEs who work at Global Design IT will introduce what kind of work they are doing on a daily basis, get to close contact with work of a day, do various interviews etc with the hope that would become goals and references for everyone who is considering Job change/Job hunt/Internship.